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Book Amanda Fox for your next professional development event.

Types of sessions

  • 1 Hour Virtual

  • 90 min virtual

  • half day in person

  • full day in person

The AI Revolution Keynote

Join Amanda for an inspirational keynote that will catapult you into the heart of the AI revolution in education! As the world transforms at an unprecedented pace, educators stand at the forefront of innovation. In this keynote, Amanda explores the big question of how AI will reshape the landscape of teaching and learning. Together, we will revolutionize the way we teach and learn, harnessing the power of AI to unlock boundless potential for all.

Game of Chromes: AI Extensions for Educators 

In this session, we will explore an array of Google Chrome extensions, each designed to elevate your pedagogical approach and empower your students on their quest for knowledge. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen as you 'break the wheel' of conventional teaching methods. Explore extensions that facilitate collaborative learning, scaffold research and note taking skills, and cater to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student. Discover extensions that facilitate real-time feedback and assessment, fostering a continuous feedback loop between you and your students.


Winter may be coming, but with AI-powered Chrome extensions, the future of education is bright and full of possibilities. Don't miss out on this epic journey into the realm of innovative teaching strategies.Contact me now to claim your seat on the Iron Throne of modern education!

DOK Punchout: Using AI Tools To Unpack Standards to Design Depth of Knowledge Activities

Unlock the full potential of your educational standards with our innovative professional development workshop, "DOK Punchout." Dive deep into the world of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and learn how to leverage cutting-edge AI tools to dissect and interpret standards, transforming them into rich, engaging learning experiences.

In this interactive and informative workshop, you will discover the power of Artificial Intelligence in educational planning. Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process of deconstructing complex standards, identifying cognitive demands, and designing purposeful Depth of Knowledge activities that align seamlessly with your curriculum.

Guardians of Originality: Addressing Plagiarism and Policy in the AI Galaxy

In a universe where knowledge spans across galaxies, the need for authenticity shines brighter than ever, especially with the rise of AI generative text. Join us in this captivating session, where we embark on a cosmic journey to unveil the secrets of upholding originality and combating plagiarism. We'll explore how innovative teaching paradigms can inspire creativity, original thinking, and the cultivation of unique student voices and provide writing process frameworks that embed artificial intelligence as the role of collaborator. We will navigate high-tech AI detective tools, and intergalactic ethics councils to illuminate the challenges and solutions related to plagiarism and policies.

World of PromptCraft: Crafting

"World of Promptcraft" offers a transformative approach to teaching by teaching educators how to create engaging prompts that inspire and challenge students. This session delves into the art of promptcrafting, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize teaching methods. Regardless of teaching experience, attendees will gain the skills to craft prompts that enhance educational achievement while incorporating AI-generated art and reimagining educational standards and course design.

UDL and AI: Making Learning Accessible for All!

In this interactive workshop, Amanda illuminates the transformative synergy between AI and the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In this dynamic session, educators will discover how AI can be harnessed to craft adaptable and engaging learning materials that cater to the needs of students with varying abilities and backgrounds. Witness the power of AI in automating the production of diverse formats and modalities, ensuring that content is accessible and resonates with every learner. Engage in hands-on exploration of AI tools that analyze individual learning patterns, enabling educators to personalize instruction and provide targeted support.


With AI as a partner, educators will seamlessly align their teaching materials with the UDL framework, fostering an inclusive classroom where each student thrives.

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